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The Universe Wants to Talk to You: Do You Want to Listen?

The ego has a thousand goals. Are they really yours?

The fast-track Western world reveres productivity, measured by what we “get done.” But I invite you to consider becoming undone, letting go of ill-fitting self-definitions, freeing yourself from beliefs and patterns, becoming naked, available, and present to your present life. The Universe wants to talk to you. Do you want to listen?

Sometimes you have to stop scoring points in the life you have in order to win at the life you desire.  A Course in Miracles teaches, that “the vision of one world will cost you the vision of another.” Albert Einstein said the same thing: “You cannot solve the problem at the level of the problem.” Are you so busy maintaining the structures of your existing life, that you can’t hear when Great Love is calling your name?

We don’t always realize what we’re not getting done by getting things done.

The other day, I decided to give myself a mini-retreat on my back porch. I’d hurt my neck so I thought maybe I should drop my tasks and spend the day listening to my body and myself. Immediately I heard a perky voice within dictating glamorous, acceptable ways to relax. Maybe you should go to a spa and get a hot stone massage. Hey, you could read that new book about scaling your business. Since you’re not on the computer today, why not organize your meditation space? Even in the domain of my time off, I had a checklist waiting to devour me. I spent the day in a ratty tee shirt instead, “doing nothing,” being, listening, and receiving. It was one of the most productive days I’ve had in a while.

I played with silence and it fed me.  I consciously slowed down. Escaping from a usual feisty business day, I remembered, again, there is more my soul needs to get done than any “to do” lists contain. I always hunger for real life, not the mass marketed “get real” life. I want to see the dawn caress the Taj Mahal and feel the spices, centuries, voices, and truth in the air. I want to smell the wild honeysuckles taking over the wooden fence, knowing I only have a bucket full of summers here on earth. I want to taste life, seize moments that will live inside me forever. I am a jewel thief greedy to collect rare and shiny moments.

In rebellious chunky penmanship, I wrote in my journal, “I am not going to answer emails today.” (I am a pathetic anarchist.) I want to know and love myself. This I won’t regret on my deathbed.  Because I may not know what I want to be remembered for, but I know it’s not this:  She always got back to people within 48 hours. And she had excellent punctuation.”

That day, doing nothing, I ended up writing, soothing the cells in my body, forgiving myself for a hundred choices of forgetting, cradling a part of me who’d suffered disappointments, and falling in love with myself, the endless capacity of the mind and heart to heal itself, and the Universe who led me all day long to discover the ways I’d been led all of my life long.

Checklists. Schmecklists. It’s so much more productive to be inspired.

Believe me, I know about inspired space. I work in this realm with others.

I’ve been leading retreats at healing retreat spaces across the country for more than a decade now. I see this dynamic happen often. Participants arrive, tired, excited, and some slightly frightened with faces white as goat cheese. I sometimes wonder if they think I am going to make them call their bosses and quit their jobs and run away with me to follow their bliss and perhaps join a New Age circus.  Some are secretly hoping I will.

Naturally the bright eyed overachievers want to get their money’s worth. They are hoping that in the opening circle I can start giving them exercises to figure out their lives now, before they unpack their luggage. I feel the need pulsing within them to attack the problem at hand. I tell them we are going to spend the weekend relaxing, undoing conditioning, and receiving what is already within.  I am setting them up to be guided.

Some look at me with relief in their eyes, as though someone has finally invited them to stop running an endless marathon and sit down in the shade, wipe their sweat, and sip lemonade. Others look at me like this better not be a trick. I better get an answer by Sunday, threats in their body posture. And I want to assure them that they will get an answer by Sunday. They will get so much more than they dreamed of by Sunday. I know this, not because I’m arrogant as a teacher. It’s just that through the years, I have come to trust the wild efficiency of the Universe that uses these intentional “time out of time” times like a Japanese chef ceremonially throwing knives into the air and slicing water chestnuts, beef,  ginger, and generally showing off.   

I know that joy and relaxation are the most important ingredients in the retreat, and in opening to epiphanies.

That’s because I’m not interested in talking to their ordinary minds. I am beckoning the extraordinary within them. I don’t want to ask the most important questions to the least literate part of their brains. I don’t want to engage their tired, angry, habitual selves in dialogues about joy, desire and the ten thousand secrets of the Universe that are about to open up to them. I want the daily self to take a nap. I want this self to wash. I want to scrub off the layers and veneers of disappointments, anger, resentment, and diminishing self-talk. I am eager to engage their Inspired Self, the keeper of the secrets, the one with the keys, maps, and buried treasure. I know that if I can engage this self for even an instant, their whole lives will change.

These inspired times are unrepeatable and indescribable for all of us. It’s like skipping steps in a long, cumbersome equation. It’s like leaving the galaxy. It’s like being on the moon where suddenly your life is weightless and you can see how to change anything. Believe me, it’s productive.

And it’s a magic I want to live in in my own life…in my daily life. This is what it means to be productive to me. And it’s something I have to practice.

Just like my students, I have to learn to play by the Universe’s rules.

If I want big, unpredictable and unprecedented healing and abundance in my life, I have to feed myself time and space. Orchids don’t grow in sand. My best revelations require the loamy earth of love, space, time, meandering and permission.

Still not convinced this is practical?

Let me give you an everyday, concrete example. There are “opportunity costs” for getting things done. Are you rushing to an appointment and missing one your Spirit has in mind for you? Are you so determined to write that brief or fold the laundry, you don’t take time to journal about the argument you had with your daughter? What if you’d taken the time to forgive yourself or her, communicate, and become the parent you really want to be? What if a moment of your presence makes your daughter feel more grounded and connected, and more likely to walk away from the kids at school doing crack? Presence is a time-saver and a life-saver.
So this month, can you give yourself a day or days of being, receiving, and allowing the Universe’s Great Love to infuse you?  Can you opt for inspired time?

I invite you to take a day or days to do less.  Rest. Be. Decide to let go of self-judgment at the gate. Let yourself be guided.  See what wants to happen. Put yourself on retreat. Let brilliance have its way with you.

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